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Descendant Chart for Gilbert Marsingale

Gilbert Marsingale
Elizabeth ?
Christopher Marsingaile
Frances ?
Anthony Anthony Marsingaile /Marsingale/
Elizabeth Marsingaile
Alice (?)
William Marsingale
Anne Marsingale
Agnes Marsingale
Alice ?
William Marsingaile
Elizabeth Elizabeth Marsingaile /Marsingale/
George Marsingaile
Anthony Anthony Marsingaile /Marsingale/
Thomas Thomas Marsingaile /Marsingale/
Agnes Marsingaile
Anne Marsingaile
Elizabeth Norrison
Margaret Marsingaile
Elizabeth Marsingaile
Elizabeth Marsingaile
Elizabeth Marsingaile
Margaret Marsingaile
Elizabeth Marsingaile
Margaret Marsingaile
Margaret Marsingaile
Elizabeth Marsingaile
Anthony Marsingaile
George Marsingaile
John Marsingaile
James Marsingaile
Margaret Marsingaile
Robert Marsingaile
Daniel Daniel Marsingaile /Marsingale/
(?) ?
Daniel Massengill
Susan White
James S. James Massengill /Massengill/
Judith ?
Nathaniel Massengill
James Massengill Jr.
Thomas Massengill
Abraham Massengill
Henry W. H. Henry Massengill /Massengill/
Joseph Massengill
Daniel Massengill
Mary ?
William Massengill
Elizabeth Walker
Mary Massengill
James I. James Massengill /Massengill/
George Massingale
Walker Massengill
Hannah Massengill
Matthew Massengill
Anna A. Massengill
Elizabeth Massengill
Benjamin Massengill
Deberry Massengill
Henry Massengill
Mary Cobb
Elizabeth Massengill
Aisley Massengill
Mary Massengill
Michael Massengill
Henry Massengill
Solomon Massengill
(?) ?
George W. Massengill
Amy ?
George Massingale
Ethelred Massengill
Henry Massingale
Delilah Massengill
Rebecca Massengill
Robert Massengill
Isaac Thomas
Lucretia Thomas
Tabitha Cobb
John Massengill
Elizabeth B. Massengill
Mary P. Massengill
Stokeley D. Massengill
Allen Massengill
Mexico Massengill
Alfred Massengill
Pharoah J. Massengill
Sarah S. Massengill
Mary A. Gann
William H. Massengill
Susanna Patterson
Bennett Massingale
Naomi Massengill
Polly Massengill
(?) Unknown
Starling Massengill
Lucy Temple
Needham Massengill
Elizabeth Massengill
Peggy Massengill
Robert T. Massengill
Lucy Massengill
(?) Unknown
Margaret Massingale
Isaac Massingale
Mary P. Ivy
George W. Massingale
James C. Massingale
Elizabeth M. Massingale
Hiram D. D. Massingale
Sarah Massingale
Harriett A. Massingale
Starling W. Temple
Susan Temple
Peter R. Temple
Elizabeth Temple
Elizabeth Temple
Ransom H. Temple
Sally Temple
Polly Temple
Penelope Temple
Starling E. Temple
Burwell W. Temple
Matilda Ivy
Elizabeth Massengill
Mary C. Massengill
George H. Massingale
Fanny S. Massengill
James H. Massengill
Isaac Massengill
William Massengill
Sarah Collins
Eliza Massengill
Sarah Massengill
Joseph A. Massengale
Levi L. Massengill
Reuben Massengill
Purlina Massengill
Deboriah Massengill
John R. Massengill
Richard H. Blackman
Martha J. Blackman
John Blackman
Jerusha Blackman
Mary E. Blackman
Anna Blackman
Bennet Blackman
Ashley Blackman
Nancy J. Brooks
Earnest E. Massengill
Cornnie M. Massengill
Maggie Massengill
Robert Massengill
Frank Massengill
William J. Massengill
Claude Massengill
Mary E. Massengill
Minnie Massengill
Ida M. Massengill
John B. Massengill
Mellie J. Massengill
Paul Massengill
Albert H. Barbour
George W. Barbour
Richard H. Barbour
Joseph H. Barbour
William U. Barbour
Grace M. Goins
Betty S. Massengill
Mary L. Massengill
Aldena J. Norris
Eva E. Barbour
Ashley P. Wallace
Billy Wallace
Richard Wallace
Barbara C. Wallace
Josephine Wallace
Eva E. Wallace
Kitty F. Wallace
Lola M. Wallace
John T. Joyner
William T. Joyner
John H. Joyner
Elizabeth A. Joyner
Ashley T. Joyner
Grady B. Joyner
Billy R. Joyner
Unknown Gender

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