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Ancestors of Paul Abner Emanuel

This line begins with my grandfather, Paul, and continues to Jacob Emanuel who appears in Virginia around 1800. Family tradition has this line originating in Germany. Related names include STOUT, GERRARD, KIMBLE, WILLIAMSON, and HARBOUR.

Stout Ancestors

I trace my Stout ancestors from my grandmother, Nettie Ellen Victoria Stout, daughter of George Washington Stout, son of Nathan Stout, son of Jonathan Stout... Related names include EMANUEL, BANKS, BRAY, CHASTAIN, STARK, and MANUEL.

Massengill Ancestors

My maternal grandfather, John Barton Massengill, lived most of his life in the small town of Middlesboro in the southeast corner of Kentucky. The line begins here and goes back to Yorkshire, England in the 1520s. Related names include BROOKS, COLLINS, GOINS.

Goins Ancestors

This site traces the family of my maternal grandmother, Grace Goins, in eastern Tennessee and Kentucky.

Johnson, Halversen, Wydra, and Szczesny

This site examines the families of my wife's grandparents, immigrants from Sweden, Norway, and Poland. The scandinavian lines can be traced quite a ways back using church records. Unfortunately the Polish lines are proving to be much more difficult.

Stout Study

A study of the STOUT families that lived in Shelby County, Kentucky in 1800-1850.