Newton KECK1,2

M, #186, b. 14 July 1860, d. 24 January 1912

FatherMatthew C. KECK b. 21 Jan 1829, d. 26 Jun 1911
MotherElmira GOIN b. c 1830, d. 8 Dec 1865
Newton KECK|b. 14 Jul 1860\nd. 24 Jan 1912|p150.htm|Matthew C. KECK|b. 21 Jan 1829\nd. 26 Jun 1911|p106.htm|Elmira GOIN|b. c 1830\nd. 8 Dec 1865|p107.htm|||||||Levi GOIN|b. c 1810\nd. 19 Jun 1865|p148.htm|Elizabeth PRICHARD|b. c 1810|p149.htm|

Last Edited1 Jun 2001

Birth*14 July 1860 Claiborne County, Tennessee1,2 
Death*24 January 1912  
Note* BIO: Per the sources cited by the BRUBAKERs, Newton, son of Matthew and Elmira (GOIN) KECK was born in July, 1860, roughly one month after the enumeration of the 1860 census for the 12th Civil District, Claiborne Co., TN where the KECKs were enumerated. Obviously, Newton, Matthew's son was not enumerated in his parents' household in 1860; however, there was another 'Newton KECK, 12' enumerated in that home in 1860. The twelve-year-old Newton is thought to have been Matthew's nephew, the son of Matthew's brother, William P. KECK. Using the July, 1860 date of birth provided in BRUBAKERs' compilation for Newton, son of Matthew and Elmira, compiler researched the 1870 enumertion for the household, expecting to find Newton at about age 10. By 02 JULY 1870, census enumeration date, Elmira (GOIN) KECK had died, and Matthew had married again. His second wife was Anna (DUNN) SOWDERS, formerly the wife of Adam SOWDERS. Adam probably died between 1862 and 1866, leaving Anna with three young children - William, 11, Margaret, 9 and Emanuel, 8, all of whom appear in Matthew KECK's household in 1870. Surprisingly, however, there is no ten-year-old boy named 'Newton' in Matthew KECK's household in 1870! There is a ten-year-old male, but his name is recorded as 'Joshua' on the microfilmed U.S. Census record. Per the data given to the BRUBAKERs on this family, another son of Matthew's, James KECK, who is shown as a 17-year-old male in 1870, was given the nickname 'Josh'. On the 1860 census record, this son is listed as 'James L.' Consulting the 1880 census for Matthew KECK's household did not help to clear up this confusion--neither James L. nor Newton are shown in the household in June, 1880. Matthew and Anna are shown here with two sons -- 'Amanuel' (Emanuel), 17, and Robert W., 5. Six daughters are also enumerated in the household--Listra/Lisha, 16, Pulasky F., 13, Rachel C., 11, Matilda, 9, 'Rebeca' E., 7 and 'Iddie' C., 6. Considering the fact that Newton might by this time be married, compiler searched both the 1870 and the 1880 census for 'Newton KECK' as head of his own household. In 1870, Newton KECK, 21 and wife, Elizabeth, also 21 were enumerated in HH #80/Fam. #71, Civil District #11, Tazewell P.O. They have one child, 'Minerva 1'. In 1880, compiler found 'Newton KECK 31' and wife, 'Sarah E. 31' in the 12th C.D., p 19, HH #157/Fam.#158. The couple is shown with four children, the oldest of whom is 'Manerva C. 11'. This obviously is Newton KECK, born 1848, son of William P. and nephew of Matthew. Compiler found no other Newton KECK whose year of birth would have been about 1860 in Claiborne County, TN on either 1870 or 1880.
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