Harald Joakim Pedersen

M, #592, b. 1879-10-09, d. 1920-10-16


FatherPeder Halvorsen1 b. 1855-04-06
MotherMarie Johanne Johansdotter b. 1855-06-10
Harald Joakim Pedersen|b. 1879-10-09\nd. 1920-10-16|p592.htm|Peder Halvorsen|b. 1855-04-06|p249.htm|Marie Johanne Johansdotter|b. 1855-06-10|p345.htm|Halvor Johnsen|b. 1820-05-04|p356.htm|Fredrikke Pedersdatter|b. 1822-01-17\nd. 1862-07-02|p576.htm|Johan Mattson|b. 1829-08-20\nd. a 1908-__-__|p464.htm|Anna M. Carlsdotter|b. 1832-05-17\nd. a 1900-__-__|p106.htm|

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     Harald Halvorsen was known as Harald Joakim Pedersen as a child in Norway, and later as Joakim Pedersen, Joakim Halvorsen, and finally as Harold J Halvorsen during his adult life in the United States. 
Birth*1879-10-09 Kragerø, Telemark, Norway2 
Christening1879-11-16 Kragerø Church, Witness=Karen Elise Halvorsdatter, Witness=Marie Johanne Johansdotter, Witness=Halvor Johnsen, Witness=Johan Mattson3 
Confirmation*1893-10-18 Kragerø Church, Witness=Peder Halvorsen, Witness=Marie Johanne Johansdotter4 
Residence*1893-10-18 Bjornsborgbakken 58, Kragerø, according to confirmation records.4 
(Witness) Census1900-__-__ Kragerø, Telemark, Norway, lived at Bjornsborgbakken 58, Principal=Johan Mattson, Principal=Anna Magdalena Carlsdotter5 
Occupation*1900-__-__ Kragerø, a clerk for a wagon manufacturing company (kjører ved Vognmandsforretning) according to census records 
Marriage*c 1901-__-__ Kragerø, Principal=Anna Kristensen 
Residence*1905-06-11 Bjornsborgbakken, Kragerø, Principal=Anna Kristensen, Child-Both=Maria Magdalena Halvorsen6 
Emigration*1906-03-09 Norway, aboard SS Oscar II sailing from Christiania, Norway. He is listed on the emigration records as being a clerk (krojer). 
Immigration*1906-06-21 Ellis Island, New York, arriving aboard Oscar II from Christiania, Norway. According to the passenger list,Yoakim Halvorsen, age 20, male, single, gave his occupation as laborer, could read and write, gave Kragerø, Norway as his last residence, and gave his destination as East Longmeadow, Mass. He listed nearest relative as his Uncle, Mr. Charlie Christensen, who resided at East Longmeadow Mass, Box 131. 
Census-1910*1910-04-15 Prospect Street, East Longmeadow, Hampden County, Massachusetts, Enumerated with family of Charles Christenson (Swedish), listed as Nephew. Anna and children are in Norway.7 
Census-1920*1920-01-12 Calkins Avenue, East Longmeadow, Witness=Anna Halvorsen, SonF=Johan Anker Halvorsen, DauF=Minnie Halvorsen8 
Census-1920____-__-__ Northampton State Hospital, Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts9 
Death*1920-10-16 East Longmeadow10 
Burial*____-__-__ Green Lawn Cemetery, According to Harold W. Johnson 


Anna Nilette Gundersdatter Helle b. 1876-10-05, d. 1947-07-08
Marriage*c 1901-__-__ Kragerø, Principal=Anna Kristensen 


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