What is this?

This is an ongoing effort to catalog and collect facts around the STOUT families that appeared in Shelby County, Kentucky in the late 1700s. There is much online information available about some of these families, but much of it is currently not connected to source information. This is an effort to collect as much source information as possible about the STOUTs who lived in and passed through Shelby County, so that we can then prove some of the claims made about parentage and family compositions.

How can I help?

We are looking for any primary or secondary source information that you may be able to contribute to this project. If you have any such information, or other information that might be useful, please contact us. If you live near a repository has information of interest, or if you are making a visit to such a repository, and if you are willing to either make copies of source material or abstractions of source material, we would be hapy to reimburse you for the expense of the copies and postage.

Current Sources

The following are current sources for the data here:

  • Property Tax Lists, Shelby County, 1799-1820
  • Shelby County, Kentucky Wills and Estates, 1792 - 1817, compiled by Charles M. Franklin (copies of Stout pages)
  • Shelby County, Kentucky Wills and Estates, 1817 - 1824, compiled by Nancy Newby (copies of Stout pages)
  • Shelby County Kentucky Marriages 1792 - 1850 (stout pages)
  • Shelby County, Kentucky Marriages 1792-1833, compiled by Eula Richardson Hasskarl (copies of Stout pages)
  • US Federal Census for 1810 and 1820

Sources we have that will be incorporated

  • Additional Federal Census Years
  • Tax lists for Shelby and Spencer Counties through 1835
  • Marriage lists for Spencer County for STOUT surname

    Sources we would like to have

  • Deed and Probate records
  • Cemetery Inscriptions or burial records
  • Family Bible entries
  • Family Histories

Some explanation and discussion of the data so far will be posted this week... check back!

In the meantime, feel free to browse via the name index, and the next and previous links on each person page. You can also try this chart: Horse Counts by Year and Person